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Html Templates in MeteorJS

While everything seems to be as I expected, I stucked at design. Well I had no time to write my own CSS codes, since I haven’t written a full CSS file for any of my projects, I wasnt fast enough to do so. Of course I know a lot about CSS, in other words I know a lot just to edit an existing CSS file. Also main aim in this project isn’t handling design and wasting a lot time on it. Considering all of these, I admit I cheated and bought a great template to use. I want to tell you about how to use html templates in your meteorJS projects as I did.

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External MongoDB Connections With MeteorJS

At the very beginning of, I was completely unfamiliar with server side java script programming, even with node-js. There were just a few hear-says in my mind and a huge code base to solve how it works. Then I’ve started to look at great resources of meteor to learn it. Discover meteor book was really helpful, furthermore there are some great videos on Udemy to dive deeps.  Anyways, there wasn’t any good resource to learn how to connect mongodb through meteor, and of course this was the first approach to start. As you know there are a lot of mongodb drivers which are officially supported, you can access the whole list here. Unluckily meteor hasn’t been supported by mongodb guys yet, but node-js. And luckily meteor-js uses node-js on server-side.