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Hello again, it has been a lot since my last blog post, so I decided to write about my new project which makes me so excited. I would like to intoduce you to mongoclient !

Why I decided to write a mongoclient ?

Well, first of all there’s a huge emptiness on the web for the mongodb client which has a good view and enough features to use mongodb. Believe me when I start there was no good client that we can use. “Where do I know it ?” Trust me I looked all over the net, primarily my company is using mongodb and in need of such a client. Secondly, I was trying to learn meteor-js and said to myself that who can learn a programming language fully without programming a good project with it. But of course this is not important as much as first matter.

At the very begining of project, there was no hassle. I was writing javascript for hours and it was enjoying. Then I dived deeps and encountered a lot of issues and unsolved problems with meteorjs and mongodb. Sometimes I was like “Okay, I give up.”, but I didn’t.  And in the end it added a lot to me.  Writing a big project sometimes can be really exhausting, especially if there are not enough resources on the net for such a new technology meteorjs. And I understood that it’s really easy to write a program with stackoverflow and google, but you are alone in a new technology. You can track google groups, jira issues, or in an open source project such as meteorjs the github issues, but that’s all.

Why mongodb ?

The below image tells everything.


Why meteorjs ?

There’s no special reason at all. But I love how they handle reactivity, and it’s really easy to learn and code. And of course at the end I need a “code once run everywhere” thing, since meteor kind of covers this principal.

Who is mongoclient for ?

It’s hard to decide who’s it for. Everyone who wants to use mongodb effectively without taking care of shell commands is the target group, but of course developers are first. In the meantime, I’ve realized there are a lot of people who’s struggling with the shell to just see a few database entries. Date queries are like impossible to findout how. More or less these words summarize the mongodb usage of world. Everyone is not a DBA and they dont have to be to see some entries from the database.


At the end, I’m not trying to be a competitor to companies that are writing mongodb clients to earn money. This project is just started and will be maintened as much as I can. You can be a collabarator, everyone can. I’m adding all features as an enhancement on my github page. You can keep tracking them from here. Currently that’s all from me. I will keep you updated about with blog posts.

Thanks everybody !

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