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Goal of Mongoclient

I would like to write about an interesting subject, goal of Mongoclient. Maybe you can be curious why I’m writing such an article, it’s a mongodb management tool what can it be ?! You’re right at some point, these were my first thoughts, but this is just exposed face

Well, I’m writing this article because someone who apply to my open source project job for Mongoclient has rejected me (not kidding), because mongoclient has no goal accordingly his thoughts. That made me think, especially when he sent me a mail like “THIS PROJECT HAS NO GOAL!!!!”.

Kidding aside, every project has a goal, yeah that’s correct. But the answer of what’s the goal of Mongoclient question is not what you expect. Mongoclient has been written to make people happy, believe it or not. In my company we were struggling with whole these mongodb management tools and shell commands, and none of them make us satisfied. More or less this is how Mongoclient project has started.

Mongoclient’s goal is not becoming the top of mongodb management tools, beside I’m the only one who’s maintaining Mongocilent and I can’t compete with whole sector myself, especially when there are some management tools which is the main project of startup companies, and actively being developed by at least 3-5 people.

Mongoclient’s goal is not earning money, it’s completely a non-profit project and it will stay like that forever, I don’t even want to put a donation button but I have to buy a $1000 theme for licence restrictions, and unfortunately I can’t afford that right now because of marriage staff. Afterwards, I’m hoping to remove that.

Mongoclient’s goal is not starting a company, hence I’m not looking for any kind of investor for Mongoclient.

In the end, Mongoclient’s goal is making people happy ! I hear “you are gotta be kidding me, right ?!” a lot, but no kidding. To be honest at some point I would like to get reputation because of this project and it started to work, and of course I would like to be an official partner of mongodb as a side goal, since there’s no one to be a teammate this is more like a dream than a goal. But the main goal is making people happy, since they don’t have to know complex shell commands to make a query, to manage their users, or even to manage their files in the database.

If someone in somewhere is using Mongoclient as their database management tool and they are happy with it, that means Mongoclient has reached it’s main goal.



  1. Florin Vasilescu

    Hello!Sorry to write this here but I couldn’t find any other way to get in touch with you.Did you manage to solve the problem you posted on stackoverflow ? Google android maps api v2 Show Marker Tittle Always

    If yes could you please share?I am trying to show some text on top of the Google maps.

  2. fgrf


    Could you please give an exemple of the $unwind aggregate command in the “agrregate” menu.
    I don’t manage to get the syntaxt right.


  3. Timur

    Hello, I like the app, but I don’t understand one thing- is it web based or desktop? If it web, do you consider add some REST API?
    In particularly I’m interested in such operations like add new connection, remove and etc (CRUD for connections would be nice). I tried to understand how connections are stored – but it seems binary or something like that.

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